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Engineers are at the heart of problem-solving and productivity. Partnering with a specialized recruiting firm like LiveRec grants you direct access to high-performing professionals with engineering backgrounds, streamlining the process of filling critical positions and driving your projects forward.

Benefits of Hiring Our talents for Engineering, Management and More

Why choose our talent for engineering roles? Our candidates possess a unique blend of technical expertise and exceptional leadership qualities, including maturity, accountability, and sound judgment. At LiveRec, we meticulously select our candidates from a vast pool of applicants, ensuring that most hold technical or engineering degrees. Moreover, all our candidates have proven track records of outstanding performance, making them ideal additions to your team.

LiveRec provides qualified candidates in the following areas:

  • Engineering – Expertise in application development, quality assurance, maintenance, and project management

  • Operations Management – Specialization in logistics, distribution, and transportation management

  • Manufacturing – Proficiency in overseeing production processes and managing production teams

  • Telecommunications – Knowledge in network infrastructure, voice communication, data transmission, wireless technologies, and satellite systems

With LiveRec, you get much more than what you’ll find at typical engineering staffing agencies or engineering recruiting firms.

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