Why use LiveRec?


Employer FAQ

LiveRec is an expert in accessing the highly valuable, perpetual talent pool all over the world and matching them with opportunities that will best leverage their skill set.

The cost to you will vary based on several factors including hiring volume and which recruiting solution is selected. LiveRec is committed to providing quality employees to your company at a competitive price and a positive return on investment.

Our search and recruitment efforts begin immediately. LiveRec will discover the details of the position from you, and will deliver the most qualified applicants for your needs. By clearly understanding your requirements and the essentials of the position, we will be able to match the best candidates.

The time frame for successfully finding an employee varies based on your specific needs and how quickly client feedback occurs. We encourage our clients to act decisively on talent they want, as many of our job seekers receive multiple offers.

We realize that not every job is a fit for every person, and sometimes that is not clear until the person is contributing in their position. LiveRec extends a 100% replacement guarantee on all placed candidates.